Braniff's "Terminal of The Future" at Love Field, Texas.

The Colourful "Love Field" "Terminal of the Future" entrance, and the glass sculpted ceiling of the Entrance foyer (lower level). You can see an escalator and stairs on the right which led up to the second level check-in, Jetrail station and gates.

Another view of the lobby with Girard plaques and stairs to the "Terminal of the Future"

Another view of the ticket counter with Girard plaques.

A closer view of the ceiling reveals Alexander Girard destinations plaques, dove plaques and "BI" logos in various designs.

The new "Terminal of The Future" offered new check-in counters with a background of "BI" logos and "Girard Doves."

Lounge area with Herman Miller seats and marble tables

The "Fort Worth Room." This was a a waiting area for passengers wanting to go to Fort Worth

The baggage claim area with the same wallpaper as "The Fort Worth Room."

A bar in the Terminal circa 1971 with the "two-tone" 727.

The Braniff Terminal was completed in 1968, with its own entrance on the South side, it featured the first jetways, Jetrail service and a rotunda at the end of the terminal.

Braniff pictures from 1968 Annual Report

Helicopter shot of the entire terminal (Glenn Geddis)

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