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"BI Purchases Andes Mountains" article By Pat Zahrt

Making fun of Harding Lawrence in 1967

B-Liner editor Martha Leonard Pat Zahrt had a strong dislike for Harding L. Lawrence. Pat had been employeed by Tom Braniff in 1945 as Flight Dispatcher, and editor of the employee newsletter, The "B-Liner" She resigned in 1973, but continued to edit the "BISE" Newsletter until 1991.

This article is from the January 1967 Volume 18 No. 1 issue.

The "BI Purchases Andes Mountains" article was a direct stab at Lawrence.

Harding didn't want The "Panagra" history printed, in fact, it is alleged, he threw it in the trash. Pat printed it in this B-Liner anyway. He also didn't want the company structure printed, so she printed that.

A Little on Pat Zahrt:

Pat was hired by Tom Braniff in 1945 as a dispatcher and co-editor of the employee newletter, "The B-Liner." By the late 40s, she was Senior Editor of the "B-Liner." Over the years she collected all the "dirt" on people who she didn't like, and kept extensive files on everyone.

Harding couldn't fire her because "she knew too much." When 1982 rolled around, an unaware Howard Putnam (Mr. Putnam didn't know just how much influence Pat had...he had only been at Braniff 6 months) tried to get her to accept a percentage of her pension after the shutdown, she stood up and gave the speech that summed her up...

Howard Putnam, I know where all the Bones are buried and where all the skeletons are, if I don't have my FULL pension by 10am tommorow, it all goes public. And don't even try to do something to me, because my files are in SEVEN lockboxes across the country.

Someone pulled Howard aside and told him that he had better give her her pension

She had her Full pension by that night!!!

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