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Braniff, Inc. (Braniff II) 727-227 on right already painted.

N406BN, the only 727-200 to fly for all three Braniff's, is on the left awaiting it's place in the Lemmon Avenue Base for the 1984 red, white, blue and grey paint scheme.
It is still wearing the two-tone "Red/Aztec Gold" paint scheme devised by ad agency Harper and George in 1971.

Braniff, Inc. started service on March 1, 1984 with 30 previous Braniff Airways Jets. Although they used this conservative paint scheme,
old "BI" items were still used by Braniff, Inc.
Braniff II was sold in 1988 and moved to Florida.
It started to re-paint its planes in the "ultra" scheme and aquire A320s
with a billboard scheme before shuting its doors in 1989.

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