Photo of Dallas/Fort Worth Airport
Terminal 2W, The "Braniff Terminal." Under Construction at Dallas/Fort Worth International.

Entrance to Security Checkpoint at "2W "The Braniff Terminal"
The wallpaper was a groovy back/front "BI" logo scheme filled in by Braniff Colors
Picture Copyright 1982, 2002 Brooke D. Watts ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Check-in counter at Gate 10 in Terminal 2W.

The interior of Braniff's new D/FW terminal was a work of art. Each gate had a large Chrome, Marble and mesh check-in desk with a status board behind. The Gate number was in red neon.

The gate was flanked by artistic glass panels and globe lights hung from the ceiling.

Gate seating with "space age" Faux leather seats on chrome supports. Braniff Murals of planes and destinations were printed on the walls. The "Airtran" train served all D/FW Terminals. Painted in 70's brown. "Airtrans" became The Airport Train in the 90s, and the cars were repainted red, white and blue.

More interior photos of the artwork at "The Braniff Terminal" at the opening in 1974.

The sign above a gate door at Terminal 2W. Photo by Brooke Watts in 1982

During the excavation of DFW Airport in 1970-72, a rare Pleiosaur was found where the new Braniff terminal would be built. (This is now Terminal B, Home to American Eagle) With a grant from Braniff Airways, and Southern Methodist University, the dinosaur was restored and put on display between gates 10 and 11. Braniff Hostess Pamela Kretlow was pictured with the 70 million year old animal. Today, DFW Airport still owns this animal, and plans to display it at its new HQ.

In 1979, Braniff Inagurated nonstop flights to Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels and Amsterdam. Local Dignitaries and "The Braniff Color Gaurd" were on hand. Lawrence ordered three 747s to park nose to nose near gates 12 and 13. They are: (left to right) N749WA (leased from World Airways - where my Aunt served as a Flight Attendant) a 747-273C, N601BN "747 Braniff Place" Braniff's Original 747-100 delivered in 1970 and N610BN, a 747-130 leased from Lufthansa.

In 1979, Braniff was operating up to six 747s and two 747SPs. It was also operating the Concorde from D/FW with British Airways and Air France.

Braniff Maintainence Hangar on the West Side and the air cargo centre (now both owned by American). Catering buildings also pictured.

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Braniff Hanger on the West side of D/FW. This is now owned by American.

The Braniff Chapel in 2015 at DFW Teminal B. (The former Braniff Terminal 2W) Dedicated in 2006, the "Interfaith Chapel" system at DFW" was started by a Braniff pilot.

(c) Brooke D. Watts

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