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A sister Braniff history site :

Carlos Yudica focuses primarily on Braniff's "Flying Colors" days 1965-1982 and the creative art designs from that period. Carlos is a brilliant art director, as you will find out when you visit his site. It is definitely worth the trip. (Slide show designed by Carlos Yudica using old Braniff Pictures)


This is a website for former Braniff Pilots. To us, the ONLY non-political fair and balanced website for former Braniff Flight Crews. The website is fluid and will be constantly changing as Braniff Pilots update their own information. Recently all the pilots who were on the 7-1-1968 seniority list who had left Braniff prior to the bankruptcy filing were added to the website. Many of you remember the Braniff yearbook that never happened. Rich Russell forwarded the individual pilot pictures that were taken, and they have been added to the website. There are more pictures than we can count, and an almost complete B-Liner collection! Captain John North is the webmaster. NOTE: IT IS A MEMBERS ONLY site.

Clan de Braniff

- Dallas Historical Society's Braniff collection.

Interesting site that covers the "Pucci" fashions in more detail. Some Braniff History not covered on my site.

Girard designs available for sale. "Maximo Designs" is based in Girard's Home State of New Mexico. Also sells Alexander Calder items.

Alexander Girard Braniff typefont and Objects can be bought at House Industries.

A great place to find Herman Miller (tm) and Girard Braniff fabrics items via

- Braniff Genealogy Website. If your name is Braniff, trace your roots here. Also provides other surname searches. Based in Canada.

Former Braniff and Southwest President Howard Putnam

Mr. Putnam was President of Braniff from 1981 to 1983, and helped get it back in the air. He currently speaks internationally on Business and Aviation. He also started and runs "A.I.R." (Aviation Interior Resources) in Houston, Texas, and has recently expanded to Knoxville, Tennessee. Mr. Putnam is based in Reno, Nevada.


How Airplanes Work! (suggested by Ms. Ryan's Class)Parts of an Airplane

- Restoration of the Original Houston Hobby 1940 Terminal

Houston's Original 1940 Art Deco Terminal Building at Hobby. The museum is similar to the "American Airlines' C.R. Smith Museum" in layout. They focus on all airlines that served Houston in the "Golden Days" such as Braniff, Eastern etc... From their website: "Currently on exhibit at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum... The Airline Galleries, Hall of Flight, and Starliner Theater feature original aviation art, stunning period photographs, outstanding scale aircraft models, artifacts, uniforms, memorabilia and documents of: Trans-Texas Airways, Texas International, Continental Airlines, Pan American, Eastern, Braniff, Chicago & Southern, Pioneer, Essair, Delta, American Airlines, TWA, Southwest Airlines, General Aviation, Howard Hughes, and Houston Cessna dealer King Cruse. Also, the history of plastic model airplanes and box art. The Aviation Meteorology and Air Traffic Control Galleries feature vintage weather and ATC equipment such as teletypes, radios, and light guns as well as weather charts and navigational maps. Also, Houston's aviation history and the history of learning to fly." The "Braniff Pages" fully supports the efforts of the (HAS).

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Excellent Aviation "Web Museum" created by Chris Sloan! Excellent Braniff area. Officially endorsed by

A cool site showcasing airline meals from Concorde to American Eagle. Plus vintage meals from the good "ole" days. Based in The Netherlands.

- Over 500 airlines listed Airlines of the Web
Includes a "gone but not forgotten" page plus an extremely comprehensive list of current airlines.

- Amarillo, Texas Flight Schedule
Amarillo was a Braniff destination from 1930-1982 (1978: The Concorde supersonic airliner makes its first landing at Amarillo during a Braniff Airways demonstration flight.) Now, only American Eagle, Continental Express, Great Lakes Airlines and Southwest fly regularly there.

Centennial of Flight sponsored by NASA.

- Flight crew supplies and aviation supplies Crew Gear

Everything an airline pilot needs is on this site. Plus there are loads of aviation gifts.

- Comprehensive Aviation site The Crewroom
Includes commercial and military aviation info. Links to this page as well as Eastern, National and other "gone but not forgotten" airline sites.
- Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Homepage
Find out where your airline is, what the parking status is and how to get around one of thw world's largest airports.

Departed Flights Website

Frontier Airlines

Focuses on the airline Howard Hughes made famous.

- Jane's Defense Reviews: Airport Security

Nation Aviation Museum in Atlanta, Georgia

- "Flying Hospital": Orbis Eyesight DC-10.

Muse Air Site

- The FIRST airline to carry an American President
Pan American World Airways

- The current Pan Am
Pan American World Airways, Inc.

Pakistan International

Sun Country Airlines

- The National Airline of Texas: Trans-Texas Airways

Trans-Texas Airlines was one of the many small airlines to form our nation's air system. Later, changed to Texas International, the airline was so big it bought Continental! However, the board thought "Continental" had a more "worldwide" appeal and Texas International adopted the name Continental.

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