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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This has been on our mainpage for years, but we will repeat it here:
PLEASE NOTE: "The Braniff Pages" is purely a historical/memorabilia site. We have no direct connections to past or present Braniff incorporations.

NOTE:We own the rights to "The Braniff Video" and all footage contained on it. If you wish to use Braniff footage and/or historical photos, please CONTACT US.

NOTE: The Braniff Logos and Trademarks are PUBLIC DOMAIN as of 2010. NOONE has the right to buy or sell these from any "entity." NOTE: If any other "Braniff" sites claim these logos, then they are falsely claiming ownership.

The following is a list of the "most asked" questions I get in e-mails.

Q. How were you involved with Braniff?

A. I flew Braniff in the late 1970s with my family. I fell in love with the carrier then. In fact, Braniff upgraded me to First Class two times flying from Denver, Colorado. A great Impression on a THEN 10 year old! (1978) Over the years, I collected Braniff memorablia, and then in 1990, with the help of George W. Cearley, Jr, Joe Mitchell and others, I started on the road to Braniff history.

In 1997, I met John Paul Braniff, Sr. and his sons. He provided me the "early" stories of his father and his Uncle which helped me build the "Paul Braniff and Tom Braniff areas." Other Braniff employees, photographers and historians have also contributed. I did not get the opportunity to work for any of the Braniff Incorporations directly.

Q. Is Braniff still flying?

A. No.

Q. I am an ex-Braniff employee. Do you have my employee, benefit or retirement files?

A. NO! After Braniff went out of business, they destroyed all of the employee files. Why? No money to pay to store them. And besides, we have nothing to do with the past BI incorporations. So, please do not ask us for Braniff Airways, Braniff International, Braniff Hotels, Braniff Realty or Braniff Airline Academy employee files.

Q. I have Braniff stock. Is it worth anything?

A. No. After Braniff went out of business, the company was no longer "a company," therefore Braniff stock is only a collectors item.

Q. Is the Braniff name still owned?

A. Ben Cass with the Braniff Airways"Foundation" filed trademarks with the USPTO for "Air Transport of persons, or cargo by air." What that means, we are currently looking into it with a Fort Worth law firm.

Q. Are you employed by "The Braniff Trust?"

A. No. I have helped them communicate with companies wanting to make Braniff products in the past, and continue to advise them on Braniff matters without remuneration.

Q. Who owns the "BI" (1965-1992) typefont?

A. Technically, the "Girard 1965 BI Typefont" can be used only in conjuction with, or referring to Braniff Airways/Airlines without license. House Industries began selling the font in 2009.

Q. What happened to Braniff buildings in Texas?

A. "The Terminal of the Future" at Love Field was bought in the late 1990s by American Airlines and demolished. The "Hostess College" is still on Wycliff Ave., but it is now "Park Gate" Retirement Center. "Exchange Park" is now occupied by The Southwestern Medical Center. (It was occupied by AT&T in the late 90s) "Braniff Place" was built using D/FW Airport bonds, and is still owned by D/FW Airport. It is currently leased to "Supermedia" and is part of Idearc Media. The Braniff Maintenance Base on Lemon Avenue is now vacant, and is empty. "Dalfort" is still painted on it, and the "Fly Braniff" on the Southern side is beginning to show again.

Q. Will another airline ever fly the Braniff name?

A. Not for a LONG time. Please don't ask us to help you "start another Braniff."

Q. I have heard of a current "Braniff International"...what is this?

A. It is owned by the Braniff family that immigrated to Mexico decades ago. It is a Cargo company with headquarters in Mexico City. It has no connections with Braniff Airways.

NOTE: There is no current Braniff International Airways, Inc, Braniff Airways, Inc or any other company related to Braniff.

Q. Did British Airways or Air France ever paint a Concorde in Braniff colors?

A. No. British Airways had a Concorde ready in 1980 at Heathrow in the paint shop to apply the Braniff scheme on the right side when Braniff cancelled service, so the Braniff logo was NEVER actually applied to any Concorde.

Q. I flew to such and such in X Year, do you have flight info or manifests?

A. No. Except for Crashes, we do not have any flight information, passenger lists or manifests. We also cannot tell you exactly which plane flew to which city on any given date. (Most airlines destroy this info after three months)

If there are other questions I can think of, look for them here.

Cheers, B. Watts Updated 15 May 2007 Revised 4 June 2017

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