The Braniff Pages is very expensive to run. Please become a "Partner" with us today. Note: We are not a "non-profit" agency, but it feels that way. We appreciate any amount you can spare to keep our site running.

Why should I give YOU money? Well, I have been doing this for 17 years now, and at a LOSS. Any little bit helps because of the vast amount of time and resources to keep this up. (And no, you are NOT funding our Facebook page)

For 2015, we have set up a "Go fund me" page. This helps you keep track of who has given, and how much.

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2015 Levels:
"You set the amount" (I don't want to pressure anyone this year...although a minimum of $25.00 is a good starting point). You will be simply called a "Braniff Super Jet" this year. (Exceptions will be made for large donors)

Please donate, below, for any level, or any amount you wish.



Our 2015 "Super Jets"

-Barbara Smith THREE YEAR!

-Dennis Carey

-Eric Van Maanen

Our 2014 "Super Jets"

-Howard Sheffer
-James Sullivan

2013 Levels:
"Super B-liner" $25.00
"El Conquistador" $50.00
"El Dorado" $100.00

2013 "El Dorado" Partner Level

- Andrew Rozycki
- Danny Abraham

2013 "El Conquistador" Partner Level

- Barbara Smith (*two year)
- Elizabeth Sheppard
- Steven M. Stratton

2013 "Super B-Liners" Partner Level

- Abra Schnur
- Howard Sheffer
- James Sullivan
- William Stewart
- Rose Ella McClearly
- Peeler - Rose Productions LLC

2012 Braniff Partners

- Richard B. Cass
- Barbara Smith
- Victoria Heisler
- Raymond D. Woods Jr.

(Updated 13 March 2015) Many Many Thanks!