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"Paris 2003" Image courtesy of Aviation Week and McGraw-Hill

2003 Paris Air Show

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18 June 2003. Braniff Historian, Brooke Watts, accepts an award on behalf of The Braniff Family at the "Salle Wagram" Concert Hall in Paris, France

All 100 award recipients at the Aviation Week Dinner in Paris.
(Mr. Watts, representing Braniff, is Front Row, Third from right)
(Kenneth Gazzola, Exec. VP and Publisher is to the immediate left of Mr. Watts, and NASA Astronaut, Kenneth Bowersox, is to the far right)
Photo © MMIII Aviation Week and Brooke Watts

Thomas Elmer Braniff, co-founder of Braniff Airways in 1930, was honoured by Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine in Paris, France with the 76th postition out of 700 "Aviation Legends" decided upon in 2000.

Only 100 members (out of the chosen 700) of the aerospace industry were chosen. In addition to Aviation Week and Space Technology, The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and The International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences played a role in picking the top 100 aviation legends. IBM also polled over 1 million aerospace professionals in 180 countries.

Award (above) given to Tom Braniff at the Aviation Week Dinner held in Paris 18th June 2003.

Programme from the evening signed by Sir Freddie Laker of "Laker Skytrain" fame.

Mr. Watts nametag from the awards dinner and The Top 100 Medal given to all honouries


© MMIII "The Braniff Pages" and Brooke D. Watts

Many thanks to Ken Gazzola and his wife for the "after-awards" party in the Bar Hemingway at the Famous Ritz Hotel in Paris. (near the Arc de Triomphe)
Princess Diana, princess of Wales, spent her last hours here.

Link to Hotel Ritz Website

"I Love Paris" by Frank Sinatra © Capitol Records

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