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Image courtesy "The Travel Scholar"


(Images: (On left) Captain Dean Smith, Braniff Concorde Pilot, and his wife. (On right) Captain Smith, Joe Mitchell and Brooke Watts in British Airways' Concorde Room at New York's JFK on 23 August 2003. Click on thumbs for bigger Pics)


(Capt. Smith, Dotti Smith and Brooke Watts in "The Concorde Room," and Our British Airways Pilot, Captain Chris Norris briefing us on the flight. Click on thumbs for bigger pics.)

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Film Copyright 2003 Brooke Watts

Our "white bird" on "pushback" at JFK at noon sharp!
(Photo by Dottie Smith)


(Captain Smith and Brooke Watts, Seat 15A and 15B (on left) and Braniff Operations Manager, Joe Mitchell Seat 15C on G-BOAE 23 August 2003. Click on thumbs for bigger pics.)


(G-BOAE Aisle on G-BOAE with 2001 designed Connelly Leather Seats, and Joe H. Mitchell next to Bulkhead readout at Mach 2 and 56,500 feet. Click on thumbs for bigger pics.)

Our British Airways Concorde Cabin Crew
(Click on thumnail for larger picture)

"Machmeter" showing Mach 2 (1,350mph) and the curvature of earth and space at 57,000 feet
At 57,000 feet and Mach 2, the windows actually feel warm due to the friction! And, the air pressure is so thin, it is only 1 PSI.
The temperature at this speed in around 290 degrees F. (Over 100 degrees C)

At full power, Concorde's Rolls-Royce engines use 38,000 pounds of thrust EACH. That is 152,000 Pounds of Thrust on takeoff. (That would power 40,000 cars!)

Photos Copyright 2003 Brooke D. Watts

Seat map of Concorde. The "Braniff Party" was seated in Row 15.

Our menu on Concorde

Not your ordinary airline meal!

Appetiser: Fresh fruit appetiser

Bisquits: Walker's Scotland

Entree: Poached salmon terrine on a lentil and potato salad

Cheese: Stilton, Chevre and Pont L'Eveque

Dessert: Three Irish Chocolates in Decorative box

Drink: Many glasses of Piper-Heidsieck Cuvee Champagne

"Speemarque" brushed aluminum napkin rings designed by Sir Terence Conran
(He also designed the "Concorde Rooms" and metal luggage tags)
China and glassware by Royal Doulton England for British Airways
on the Braniff/British Airways Commerative Flight 23 August 2003

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Somebody just happened to take a picture of G-BOAE on the very next day, 24 August 2003
leaving JFK for London! Click Here to view (via airliners.net)

And, a photo of our Flight from JFK-Bermuda-JFK on the 23rd!!! G-BOAE "Braniff" flight

The "nose" or "radome" is up during flight and when parked at the gate.

The radome mounted at the front of the hinged nosecone, houses the weather radar scanner and is set at the apex with the standby pitot head which measures static and pressure for the flight instruments. The moveable nose and visor are unique features of Concorde and were designed to provide the flight deck crew with adequate vision for take-off and landing while creating a streamlined aerodynamic shape for climb, cruise and descent. The settings are 5 nose droop for take-off and 12 1/2 droop for landing with the visor down for both operations. After take-off the nose and visor are raised for the whole flight until commencement of initial approach.

Picture of G-BOAE at JFK on 23rd August.
The aircraft we flew on.
Taken by Dotti Smith

The aircraft the Braniff Pages flew on, G-BOAE, was one of the three last Concordes to fly on the 24 October. G-BOAE, piloted by our Captain, Chris Norris, was the first to touch down at Heathrow from Edinburgh, Scotland on that historic day.

Image courtesy "Travel Scholar"

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Special Thanks to John Lampl, BAUSA

And thanks to Chief BA Pilot Captain Mike Bannister, Senior BA Concorde Pilot Chris Norris, Jemma Moore, UK Communications, Jeff P. Angel, Sr. VP Communications, The Americas, William B. Harford Jr., VP Field Sales, North America and Laureen Wolfe, BA Guest Coordinator JFK Concorde Supersonic Experience Flights. All with British Airways