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"The Dardnest Thing I Ever Saw!"

The "Terminal of the Future" was finished in 1968. It featured the first "rotunda" and the very first mono-rail system. The "Jetrail" tracks can be seen going into the terminal.

The Shiny new "Terminal of the Future" on the South
end of Love Field. This is the check-in area with
flight status board, and the lobby area with South American artwork.

Diagram of upper lobby ticket area

The downstairs lobby, the "Jet-Rail" and another view of the upper lobby.

A Jet Lounge in the new "Terminal of the Future" including Girard Doves on the walls.

Another view of the "jet lounges" in the "Terminal of The Future." The lounges were lined with "Oak Panel benches" and herman miller seats. Small walls featured South American art and the all present Girard Dove.

(Braniff photos)

Love Field in a publication

The "Terminal of the Future" Circa 1995. Notice the lights, designed by Harper and George, are still there and the post for the "flight status" board is still standing. The "Oak Panel benches" were also still there as were some of the Eames herman miller seats. However, in 1999, American gutted the terminal, and nothing is left.
Pictures © Brooke Watts (All rights reserved)

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