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"The Jet Rail is Coming"
Braniff had the first mono-rail system in the world at Love Field.

The "Jet-Rail" would whisk passengers to "The Braniff Terminal."
The mono-rail consisted of 10 Orange passenger cars that would hold up to 10 people. Other colors were proposed for the cars early on, but it was easier to paint them all Orange...Braniff's Signature Colour (with an Orange stripe on white, and "BI" logo in Black).

After Braniff moved to D/FW, the Jet-Rail was no longer used. The City of Waco, Texas considered buying it for an urban project, but the project never transpired.
Passengers could park their cars at "The Jetrail Lounge" on Tom Braniff Drive
and board the mono-rail.

The Jetrail station at Love Field Circa 1998. This still exists despite American's gutting of the interior in 1999. As you can see, this docking station is a far cry from what it used to be.
Photo copyright 2000 Brooke Watts

(Tom Braniff drive is the only thing that remains of the "Jet-Rail" era)
The post foundations can also still be seen in Dallas.

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