Braniff Changed everything in 1977, from designers to paint schemes.

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Overview of the 1977 re-design

Boeing 727-227 in "Chocolate Brown Ultra"

Douglas DC-8-62 in Ultra "Mercury Blue"
Picture Copyright Peter De Groot

DC-8-62 N1809E in "Ultra Chocolate Brown" Colors.

Braniff 747SP N603BN, used only a year on the short lived Asian Service.
BI also took delivery of two more 747SPs, N604BN and N606BN (N608BN was ordered but never delivered). They would fly to Guam, Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore. By the end of 1978, Braniff was flying to 76 cities in the world and some 80,000 statute miles.

The Upper Deck of Braniff's Second 747, N602BN, a 747-227
Delivered to Braniff on May 31, 1979
(N602BN would be the only Brand New 747-200 Delivered to Braniff)
Outfitted in Chilean Leather

N605BN flying over Mt. Saint Helens as it Erupts during Boeing Test Flights in 1980.
(First Flight on March 17, 1980...Stored at Everett, Delivered to Northwest at N633US)
The Volcano would prove an omen, as this plane was never delivered to Braniff
Instead, it was eventually delivered to Northwest Airlines

The "pinstripe" look was designed by "Cars and Concepts," a racing car design firm in California. Braniff simply called it the "new" look. George W. Cearley, Jr. dubbed it the "Ultra" look (based on the Halston ads) and Joe Mitchell calls it the "classic" scheme.

In 1977, Braniff also dropped Pucci for designer Halston. Brown was in in the late 70's (as you can see). Braniff also outfitted ALL of its seats with leather. (They got the leather from Argentina, who couldn't pay some debts in cash). Halston also designed new hostess uniforms in brown with his signature "H" logo. Gate agents and male flight attendants received brown suits.

Picture of Glenn Shoop Copyright "The Braniff Pages"

The Pilot's Wings were changed from Gold to Silver-tone. The background remained white on these wings. Also, The smart looking Blue nautical Pilot's uniform designed by Pucci in 1965 for the pilots was replaced with a dark brown 2 button suit. The "stripes" on the sleaves were changed from Gold to Dark Brown. (The pilots did not like the Halston uniform).

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